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Shark Skin Grater, Real Wasabi Grater, Medium

Shark Skin Grater, Real Wasabi Grater, Medium

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Description of item
Genuine shark skin is carefully selected and laminated onto high-quality Kyoto-style blue and white porcelain, which brings out the deliciousness of food.

It can be grated finely, bringing out the aroma and spiciness even more.

Currently, this is an original product only available from our company.
We also have a utility model patent.

When fresh wasabi is grated using shark skin, the cells of the fresh wasabi are finely broken down, creating a fragrant and spicy flavor.
You can also use a metal grater,
Metallic taste can ruin the flavor and spiciness,
It is not sticky so you can enjoy the original flavor of fresh wasabi.
Because it doesn't have a spicy taste.
Also, it would not extract the most important nutrients from fresh wasabi.
How to grate fresh wasabi
1: Remove the leaves
2. Roughly remove the bumps
3: Wash with a scrubbing brush
4. Grate the radish in a circular motion starting from the leafy end.

Tip : Grate slowly without using force, into a round shape in a "no" shape.
When it becomes a fine, sticky cream, it means delicious wasabi is ready.

・It can be used not only on wasabi, but also on vegetables such as onions and carrots, and fruits such as apples.
The ingredients melt like snow and become a light mousse that is somewhere between pulp and juice, so adding it just before serving the dish will give it a pleasant aroma and a refreshing feeling.
・Medium size:

・Material: Shark leather, ceramic (porcelain)
Not dishwasher safe
●The appearance may differ from the actual product depending on the color of your monitor.

●After using, rinse quickly with water and dry in the shade.
If the grater is wet and used multiple times in a day,
The skin will become moist and peel off easily.
Soaking in hot water or water or drying in the sun may cause it to peel off.
Do not immerse in water or hot water.

●If the shark skin is exposed to a lot of moisture every day for a long period of time, it may become damaged.
Occasionally rest the shark skin grater and dry it in the shade.

●Genuine shark skin is the highest quality natural leather, and the grain may vary slightly depending on the location.

★If you use it frequently, the secret to making it last longer is to alternate between two shark skin graters.
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